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Cornrows or braids also called cane-rows in the Caribbean, are an ancient traditional African style of hair grooming, in which the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to produce a continuous, raised row. Cornrows are often formed in simple, straight lines, as the name implies, but they can also be formed in complicated geometric or curvilinear designs.

Depending on the region of the world, cornrows are worn by men or women, or both, and are sometimes adorned with beads or cowry shells. The duration of weaving cornrow braids may take up to about 5 hours, depending on its quantity and width. Often favoured for their easy maintenance, rows can be left in for weeks at a time if maintained through careful washing of the hair and regular oiling of the scalp.

African Braids - BraidsAfrican Braids - Braids
2 FEED-IN braids/ boxer braids/ cornrows
you can or choose not to add extension


Box braids are hair braids which are characterized by “boxy” or square-shaped hair divisions. Having a Box braid style can be quite lengthy but they can be manipulated into various different styles, as they are not attached to the scalp like cornrows. They can also be created by adding in synthetic braiding hair (i.e. kanekalon hair). They are mostly prominent in the African-American, African, and the African Diaspora culture

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